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Here are all the answers to your questions

Q: What is the message board for?

A: The message board is where you are able to capture Pokemon and some announcements from the owners and members are made

Q: How do you capture Pokemon in the message board?

A: You have to "role-play" a real battle against a Pokemon that comes out of the wild then you have to throw a poke ball or which ever ball you have and then one of the owners will decide if you captured it

Q: Which Pokemon do you start with?

A: you start out with the basic Pokemon. Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle,Charmander,Chicorita,Totodile,or Cyndaquail.

Q: How do you battle other trainers?

A: you battle in the chat room, to find out the exact rules set up a chat meeting with one of the owners.

Q: Do you have poke gods in this RPG?

A: No, not for now but maybe later on we will

Q: How do you become a gym leader?

A: You can only become a gym leader after you have become a Pokemon master unless all the gyms are already taken, so the first people to become Pokemon masters are gym leaders.

Q: How many gyms are there?

A: One for each type of Pokemon there is.

Q: Can I capture any Pokemon at any type?

A: no, you have to be at a certain level to capture certain Pokemon, such as mew you have to be a poke master.

Q: what is the chat room for?

A: here we have meeting, and battles, tournaments, etc

Q: How much Hp do pokemon have?

A: First stage 50HP 2nd 100HP 3rd200 and 4th300

Q: What Level do pokemon evolve at?

A: to get to the 2nd stage L10,3rdL15,4th20

Q: What is PokeballMaker

A: It is a place where i make custom pokeballs for you out of a special item called Nut

if you need to ask me something email me


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